Monday, 18 October 2010

Caton Signs off in style

Racing at Ockley in Surrey for the last Points of the Season yesterday, Paul Caton needed 17 points to take overall victory in the season - long Mstina series.

He also needed his strongest adversary to finish way down the leader board. Unfortunately, the winning break of 8 contained that rider. Determined to the end though, Paul fought hard: " the break went on lap two of seven and I had to chase like crazy to get onto the back" he recounts.

Once in the front group, he rode conservatively to preserve his energy, waiting for the right moment to make a decisive attack: "I launched at 150m to go just at the bottom of a small rise......I figured that I would get up to speed quicker than the heavier guys and be able to maintain my lead as the road flattened out." Indeed he did, and took a hard - fought win by less than a second.

"It was good to get a win with such a great selection of opponents," he says. "It's a shame about the overall, but in many ways, a win means more on the day."

last year's jersey - Paul was denied this season by a handful of points

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