Tuesday, 18 January 2011

3 is the Magic Number for Andy C

leading from the front - Andy C. at Hillingdon (pic londoncyclesport.com)
3 points for newcomer in his 3rd race

Andy Connington came back fighting last weekend as he returned to Hillingdon Circuit for a double dose at the Imperial Winter Series.

After using the Saturday as a warm up, Andy was determined to deliver on the Sunday. "I'd had a bit of fun and didn't want to pressurise myself, but by Sunday, I must confess I was chomping at the bit," He recalls.

The Sunday was as windy as the day before: "There were mutterings in the bunch about sitting in and taking it steady because of the wind, but that was like a red rag to a bull with me and I thought this may well be an opportunity I could use." Taking the bull by the horns, our newest member launched out of the bunch after one lap and created a respectable gap. Within another lap, 3 other riders joined him which made the winning move and netted Andy 3rd place.

"It wasn't exactly a textbook move," says Andy. "But it did create an opportunity that I might not otherwise have had, so I'm happy with my efforts and I keep learning by pushing myself that bit further every time."

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Could this be the earliest ever start to the racing season?

He would have raced earlier, but the last possibility was denied Andy Connington by the arctic conditions which brough the entire South East to a standstill on December the 18th.

well it was warm in the club house.....
Our newest recruit is also probably our most enthusiastic rider right now. Despite temperatures barely above zero, he finally made it to Hillingdon to race his first event on Bank Holiday Monday January 3rd.

"This was about familiarisation," he tells us afterwards. "The boys have been telling me I am going well, but that doesn't translate to results immediately. I tried not to get carried away and limited my efforts to a couple of selective attacks."

"His focus seems spot on," comments team stalwart Colin McDonnell. "Many people train hard but too many new riders don't take the time to learn the art of group riding which led to problems with entry level bunch racing last season."

Continues Andy: "I witnessed one crash and was pushed off the circuit at one point as well, but survived unscathed, so it was a positive experience and with plenty of time to play around, I am giving myself a better foundation to work with."