Tuesday, 18 January 2011

3 is the Magic Number for Andy C

leading from the front - Andy C. at Hillingdon (pic londoncyclesport.com)
3 points for newcomer in his 3rd race

Andy Connington came back fighting last weekend as he returned to Hillingdon Circuit for a double dose at the Imperial Winter Series.

After using the Saturday as a warm up, Andy was determined to deliver on the Sunday. "I'd had a bit of fun and didn't want to pressurise myself, but by Sunday, I must confess I was chomping at the bit," He recalls.

The Sunday was as windy as the day before: "There were mutterings in the bunch about sitting in and taking it steady because of the wind, but that was like a red rag to a bull with me and I thought this may well be an opportunity I could use." Taking the bull by the horns, our newest member launched out of the bunch after one lap and created a respectable gap. Within another lap, 3 other riders joined him which made the winning move and netted Andy 3rd place.

"It wasn't exactly a textbook move," says Andy. "But it did create an opportunity that I might not otherwise have had, so I'm happy with my efforts and I keep learning by pushing myself that bit further every time."

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