Monday, 16 May 2011

Caton performs in Wet & Windy Warwickshire

top five in LVRC national series

Paul Caton - National LVRC Points

Paul Caton continued his run of form yesterday in the Percy Stallard National series in Warwickshire.

"It was windy, so, as hard as  tried - and I tried damn hard - I just couldn't make a break work." he said afterwards. For all his frustration, he eventually decided to recover a little and challenge the sprint.

"I've been working on the sprint recently," he continued. "It's mentally tough because you have to be a bit clinical in your training - it's more than just riding for fun but I thought I would see how I was progressing."

The training seeems to be paying off. Caton crossed the line in 5th place, with only a metre or so covering 2nd to 5th place: "That's a good progression from where I was last year." he concluded. "It's frustrating that I was so close to a few more points, but there is a positive there too."

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