Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mstina series round 5 - Podium for Caton

Paul Caton rode round 5 of the MSTINA Jersey Series on 20th May on the challenging Newdigate circuit in Sussex. The race over 50 miles took in 8 circuits of some challenging roads in including a short 20% climb. Caton started the event leading the series overall so was clearly favourite to do well in the race having won the last round in Swindon, unfortunately that did mean he was enthusiastically marked by the other riders keen to make sure they were in the same moves.
Caton attempted to form and join breaks in the early laps, however it was clear the peloton was in no mood to let him gain an advantage. A two rider break did gain a 90 second lead for three laps which enabled Caton to step back and let the peloton chase this down whilst he decided his race strategy.
With some tight corners and a road junction just 200 metres before the uphill finish Caton decided being in a small group was the best way to increase his chances of a win and so with a lap and a half to go and spotting some of his MSTINA Jersey points contenders gain an advantage on the 20% climb, Caton jumped across to the two riders and immediately inserted some pace allowing the three to just stay clear of the chasing peloton. 
"We worked well together," Caton said. "And although the peloton had kept us in sight we managed to stay clear." Coming into the last few miles Caton’s two breakaway companions became less willing to do their share of the pace making and with the peloton getting perilously close Caton had no option but to lead the sprint out from the bottom of the finish climb. With a head wind this handed an advantage to the 2 other riders, in a hard fought sprint Caton came in second, a bike length down on the winner.
Caton still leads the championship with the next round being a 2 day stage race at Fowlmead near Dover.

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