Saturday, 30 March 2013

Corley Cycles Day at the Races 2013

A great morning out for four of our road racers. Darren debuted, Mick mixed it up, John jockeyed in the major break and Neil nearly took the win.

No less than two primes for the team, and with Neil a close 2nd in the finale along with Mick comfortably in the top ten, a promising season looks to be in prospect.

left to right: Darren Powell, John Lacey, Mick Skipsey & Neil Wass

Friday, 29 March 2013

Welwyn Hilly 2013

Quick result

Special mention for Paul whose time includes changing an inner tube!

Ross Clarke 0:54:45
Steve Clarke 1:01:39
Tony May 1:01:20
Paul Caton 1:10:54 inc puncture

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Weathering the Weather and a First Team TT Win

This weekend saw more extraordinary weather. Incredibly, despite the sheer volume of rainfall, we saw two races with barely a drop from the sky on Saturday.

First up was the Team MK early season warm up race at MK Bowl. Neil Wass and Michael Skipsey ignored the downpours and pitched up without a warm up for the 2/3 category event.

"It was pretty quick from the off," recalls Michael Skipsey. Neil was straight into the action and joined a breakaway move with local favourite Aaron McCaffrey of Virgin Active and and Jonny Shuster of Corley Cycles. This was brought back after 3 laps though and as the Prime whistle blew, Neil decided he needed a break. "I thought I'd keep an eye out though," he recalls. Sure enough, the pace eased after the sprint and he joined another Corley rider, Ben Chapman. The two formed a strong attacking partnership and built a sizeable gap on the group, despite attempts to pull them back.

Michael Skipsey did his bit on the front of the bunch and sacrificed popularity for teamwork by managing attacks off the front.

is it me or is that front tyre looking soft?
Continuing their charge, the leading duo were joined by Justin Belcher from Banbury Star who added strength to the break. All was looking promising for Neil until, with 2 laps to go, he punctured and had to pull off into the finish area.

Justin and Ben stayed away, with Ben taking the win for Corley.

As supporters on the line commiserated, Neil was unperturbed: "I was pleased with my efforts today. You can't get upset about a puncture - at least I know there's a bit of form there."

As the race concluded, Tony May and Ross Clarke were battling around the A5 Rangers 31mile Hilly course in Northamptonshire. Incredibly, the rain held off for them too, and Ross took 3rd place in 1:15:56 behind Matt Botrill and and Tejvan Pettinger.

Combined with a strong performance of 1:25:29 from Tony, the TTers took home the team prize.

Sunday saw Paul Caton racing the LVRC Fleche Waltonne event organised by Welland Valley CC

Having travelled up to the Welland Valley, he remained optimistic. This annual event is known for its Flandrian Style semi paved sections, so it's tricky enough. But Sunday brought snowy conditions which for the first time ever led to a cancellation. The video explains enough. After two laps, the organisers decided that a peloton riding in car tracks was enough. Paul was a touch disappointed - he had just broken away with a small group over a climb, but even his glasses had frozen over and the gears were jumping with snow in his cassette. Bravo to Paul for toughing it out! Thanks to georgehallscycles for the video.

Thanks to team member Richard Burch for the MK video and pictures

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Cold Start to 'Spring'

Last weekend brought some unseasonably cold weather.
he did mention it

The warnings were given, but Paul and Neil set off for Towcester and the NVRT Baines LVRC Road Race on Sunday morning undeterred.

"It's the first race I've ever done in a winter jacket," reflected Neil. The jacket seemed to do the trick though as the two of them made a break of 9 on lap 2 of 7 which stuck as the rest of the field shivered in their saddles.

By the final lap, the break had built a lead of over  three minutes and it was clear the uphill finish was going to be a sprint. Following the winning move move from Simon Cannings of Twenty 3c, Paul launched for second and won his age group with Neil close behind in 4th.

"It can't get much tougher then that," said Paul afterwards, wiping the mud from his eyes. "But to be honest I felt more sorry for the marshals. They did a great job and with the temperature right on zero, they must have been frozen, big thanks and respect to them."

they may have been warm back at the HQ but the photographer was evidently shivering
Ross Clarke & Tony May opted for a more sensible option - they were intending to ride the Lea Valley 25 in Essex early morning but decided to cry off and stay warm, although Ross was spotted around lunchtime, apparently nearing the end of a brisk 80miler...

Monday, 4 March 2013

New Members Spring Into Action

Michael Skipsey (far right) - he didn't give up!      thanks to for the pic

Michael Skipsey was the leading light in the new TMG line up in the Paul Simon Homes Masters Race at Hillingdon on Saturday. 

Efforts in the 2nd half by John Lacey, Neil Wass and Eugene Rack saw repeated bursts of speed, but the bunch was ever watchful and their efforts were in vain.

With a deftly manoeuvred sprint in the finale, 'Skippy' nipped through a gap and was still accelerating at the end as he took 4th over the line. More pics over on our flickr photostream

Tony May picked up the baton on Sunday and raced the Hainault Hilly TT over in Essex.

Despite an unshipped chain and a junction delay, he made the top ten with a time of 1:19:39

"Fairly pleased with that," he reported, claiming the temperature was "not too bad."

Looks like some pretty serious gloves were still needed though.