Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Cold Start to 'Spring'

Last weekend brought some unseasonably cold weather.
he did mention it

The warnings were given, but Paul and Neil set off for Towcester and the NVRT Baines LVRC Road Race on Sunday morning undeterred.

"It's the first race I've ever done in a winter jacket," reflected Neil. The jacket seemed to do the trick though as the two of them made a break of 9 on lap 2 of 7 which stuck as the rest of the field shivered in their saddles.

By the final lap, the break had built a lead of over  three minutes and it was clear the uphill finish was going to be a sprint. Following the winning move move from Simon Cannings of Twenty 3c, Paul launched for second and won his age group with Neil close behind in 4th.

"It can't get much tougher then that," said Paul afterwards, wiping the mud from his eyes. "But to be honest I felt more sorry for the marshals. They did a great job and with the temperature right on zero, they must have been frozen, big thanks and respect to them."

they may have been warm back at the HQ but the photographer was evidently shivering
Ross Clarke & Tony May opted for a more sensible option - they were intending to ride the Lea Valley 25 in Essex early morning but decided to cry off and stay warm, although Ross was spotted around lunchtime, apparently nearing the end of a brisk 80miler...

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