Saturday, 11 May 2013

A Serious Business

There are bad days, and then there are days which make you realise the bad days weren't bad at all... 

We've had some difficult stuff to deal with this last few days, stuff which puts everyday stuff into perspective  On the evening of May 1st, whilst out training, Steve and Ross Clarke hit a car which crossed their path whilst doing around 30mph on the Redbourn Road at the Luton Lane Junction. Both were rushed to hospital requiring immediate attention with no recollection of the actual collision.

Ross has sustained flesh wounds with no broken bones.He appears to have hit the front of the car and had a relatively 'softer' landing. Softer, that is, relative to Steve, who came to a more sudden stop into the side of the car.

Steve has now been in intensive care now for 10 days since the accident. News of the incident has been passed around by word of mouth but we were, frankly, not sure what to say or report because Steve was fighting for his life for several days.

He is now described as stable. Stable means he is beginning a long journey to recovery from potentially life changing injuries, and with, amongst other things, 10 broken ribs, a broken hip, broken leg and broken bones in his back, he has a lot to get through.

Although still on a ventilator, he has had moments of consciousness where he has recognised family members and the doctors have said that his spine appears to be intact which suggests that a full recovery should be possible.

At the moment, he's still not in a state to see visitors.Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family, and Steve, one day we look forward to the thought of you reading this and laughing! 

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