Sunday, 30 June 2013

(Almost) the full Road Race Result

After looking at the big screen, we have placings to 57th. Honourable mentions to Graeme Clarke of LBRCC. 18th place in a race as tough as that is going some as a 4th cat! Drop us an email to claim your prize. Truly heroic mention also for Andy Brill who continued and finished despite being lapped.

A win to savour for Doug Coleman

Full report still to follow

1 Douglas Coleman CC Luton 2nd
2   Danny Axford Arctic Sram RT 2nd
3 Colin Roshier Team Quest - The Bike Shop 3rd
4   Richard Cleaver Leisure Lakes 2nd
5 James Locker V-Sprint Racing 2nd
6   James Local London Dynamo 2nd
7 Simon Cannings 2nd
8   Owen Jeffries Northern CC/Dave Kane Cycles 3rd
9 Ben Carty Private 3rd
10   Robert King Private Member 2nd
11 Sean Dines Team Corley Cycles 2nd
12   Jack Beezer Edinburgh RC 2nd
13 Ben Macland VC Meudon 2nd
14   David Palmer MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling 2nd
15 Steven Hurrell API - Metrow/Essex Utilities 2nd
16   Chris Grange LBRCC-Solgar 3rd
17 Adrian Lawson Cadence RT 2nd
18   Graeme Clarke LBRCC-Solgar 4th
19 Matthew Gittings AW Cycles 2nd
20   Luke Souter Banbury Star CC 3rd
21 Pete Smith Jewson - MI Racing 3rd
22   Jonathan Marchini Beeline Bicycles RT 2nd
23 Bad Number London Dynamo ?
24   Adam Capes London Dynamo 2nd
25 Dan Tamplin Aylesbury CC 2nd
26   Stuart  King LBRCC-Solgar 3rd
27 Michael Broadwith Arctic Sram RT 3rd
28   Osama Assem Finchley RT 3rd
29 Glenn McMenamin 2nd
30   Jason Gurney 2nd
31 John Peters CC Luton 2nd
32   Darren Parker Python Racing Team 3rd
33 Stephen Morrell Aylesbury CC 3rd
34   Richard John Spirit Bikes Racing Team 3rd
35 James Archibald G.S. Henley 3rd
36   H Christian Rudolf De Laune CC 2nd
37 Ian Baynes LBRCC-Solgar 3rd
38   Tim Edwins LBRCC-Solgar 3rd
39 Sam Williamson Hemel Hempstead CC 3rd
40   Bad Number GS Henley ?
41 Bad Number Twenty 3c ?
42   Andy Marriott Spirit Racing Team 3rd
43 Simon Oxenham VC10 2nd
44   Edward Catford 4th
45 Stephen Colbert Arbis - Colbert Cycles RT 2nd
46   Andy Lack Kingston Whls CC 2nd
47 Ken Buckley AW Cycles 2nd
48   Stuart Williams Reading CC 2nd
49 Campbell Noon Virgin Active 3rd
50   Gunther Zechmann Zappi's Cycling Club 2nd
51 Robert Taylor Aylesbury CC 4th
52   Damien Breen Kingston Whls CC 2nd
53 Bad Number Python Racing Team ?
54   Richard Stanton Arbis - Colbert Cycles RT 2nd
55 Stephen Wood Peterborough CC 3rd
56   Philip Starr Python Racing Team 2nd
57 Fraser Houston Team Quest - The Bike Shop 3rd

Road Race Result

A stellar performance from former team member Doug Coleman saw him overhaul Danny Axford for the win. Full report to follow.

1. Doug Coleman CC Luton
2. Danny Axford Arctic SRAM RT @6"
3. Colin Roshier Team Quest
4. Richard Cleaver Leisure Lakes
5. James Locket V Sprint
6. James Local London Dynamo
7. Simon Cannings Twenty3c
8. Owen Jeffries Northern CC
9. Robert King private
10. Sean Dines Corley Cycles
11. Jack Beezer Edinburgh RC
12. Ben Macland VC Meudon
13. David Palmer MG Maxifuel
14. Steven Hurell API Metrow
15. Chris Grange LBRCC

Friday, 21 June 2013

Course update

We've opened up the finish area so spectators can park safely off the road.Thanks to Hugh from Manor Farm for his help with the grass cutting.

the numero uno Bora buster just west of Littlecote
The course is generally in better state than last year, but there are a couple of major Holes which, as you can see, have been appropriately marked. If anyone knows anyone at Bucks Highways, now's a great time.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Win Win Situation

John Lacey joined Paul at the Bowl last night whilst Eugene and Darren were on support duty. A plucky early attack by Paul Bird and Jason Gurney seemed to kickstart his adrenaline and he, along with Campbell Noon of Virgin Active, launched after them. Within a lap or so the attack was caught and the four were away for one of the longest breaks of the series.
Longest break? John working hard in the escape group

No doubt drawing on his 100mile chrono experiences, John hung in there taking 2nd behind Jason which sealed victory in his group.

Paul meanwhile was being marked as usual and kept his powder dry for a 300 metre sprint and an emphatic victory. Having played it canny for much of the race, he even had time to get his arms in the air.

Another win for the Caton Palmares!
"That was fun, I was feeling pretty good tonight," concluded our most prolific racer. "It's great to see John on form as well though. He must have dug really deep to be in that break for nearly the whole hour."

To see more pics from the race, visit tmgpro's flickr stream at

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Ross and Luke back on the Podium

One of the newest courses in the country,the F11-10 Course on the A41 near Tring quickly shot to legendary status after it was created in 2010 on account of its 'ski slope' start which has helped many a chrono rider produce a personal best.

Consequently, the field for Saturday's Hemel Hempstead Open 10 looked more akin to a National Championship than a regional open.

Our two senior chronomen did not have PB's in mind. Ross is fighting back after more than a month out of training due to his car collision, and Luke has only clocked around 6 weeks' training due to doctor's orders.

Ross at the Hemel Open 10, click on the pic and see the water flying everywhere! Thanks again to Dave Jones
They are both determined, however, to get the best possible out of the 2nd half of the season. Undeterred by the monsoon-like conditions, they took to the start line and made the best they could out of a foul day.

In 31st place, Ross finished in 20:31 while Luke was further down in 20:57

"Not a great day for us,"said Luke. "I think it  was a case of getting round, seeing how the legs felt and getting some feedback from the legs under pressure."

He may have had today in mind, because the pair bounced back this morning at the Hemel Hempstead 25. In particular, Luke bit back at Ross from yesterday's defeat with a time of 55:08 for 2nd place with Ross on 55:50 for 3rd.

"There are still plenty of races left," said Ross afterwards. "I'm still a way off last year's form, but we're on the up for sure."

Full results of the Hemel Open 10 here and the Hemel Open 25 here

Honourable mention goes to John Lacey, our Road Racer, who TT's for Hemel. Riding the same 2 events, he managed 20:23 in the 10 and 56:50 in the 25. Not bad at all; perhaps even more impressive considering he actually organised the 25!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Race Programme on Press this weekend - rider list now available

Going to press over the weekend courtesy of The MANSON Group, here's a preview

If you want to check on reserve places, keep an eye on the Race Page

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 If you're on an ipad, go to

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Paul is Regional Criterium Champion

Paul & John play it cool while Neil does the obligatory grimace
Paul went to the MK Bowl last night in his skinsuit. A statement of intent for the LVRC Regional Criterium Championships.

Characteristically quiet, he was already warming up whilst others were chattering and trying to find lost items of kit. Racing got started with a bang and despite his group C tag, Paul was straight into the thick of the action with the younger team members.

Head Down as usual, Paul gets to work and puts his adversaries under pressure

As others struggled with their peers, he took the fight to his age group and, despite being heavily marked, he shook off the competition to take an emphatic win, his second in two weeks. The Regional Title joins the Road Title he took at Cranfield on May 4th. Congratulations Paul!

Left to Right - John Lacey, Neil Wass, Paul Caton
John Lacey and Neil Wass, meanwhile, were in with the As and Bs. "I was in shock," recalls Neil. "The race went off like a Rocket. It was as if a select group had been fired up with Nitrous Oxide! I was pretty much defeated the moment that first move went."

John had other ideas. Sat in the second group, he could have bided his time but instead he came out fighting and attacked. Staying away on his own, he soloed to take a thoroughly deserved second place in his group. "I think my long time trials are handy training for this," he smiled. "It's great to get away against the odds."

Once he got over what he described as his 'Marlboro' cough, Neil was upbeat: "Great night for the team," he concluded. "The riders who put the work in and took the risks got the results."

Steve Clarke Update

We're delighted to report that Steve is out of hospital.

He was moved to Watford General Hospital last Thursday. Although positive because it obviously meant his condition had improved, he didn't take to life there particularly well and found resting and recovery more challenging.

In a move typical of his determination, he decided he'd seen enough of Watford General Hospital on Saturday and discharged himself. Now back home, he's eating and sleeping somewhat better and has even ditched the zimmer frame around the house.

There's still a long way to go, but considering his condition 6 weeks ago, it's hard not to see his fight back from the brink as miraculous.

Ross, meanwhile is back at the Hemel Hempstead evening 10s with brother Luke. It looks as though 'Team Clarke' will be back soon.

We'll bet he's looking forward to getting the wheels turning again. All the best Steve.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Testers Take Over

With many of the road team on holiday, it was the turn of our Chronomen to shine through this weekend.
Luke Clarke - back to racing

Saturday saw Luke Clarke return to action after a prolonged winter season. Although he's been able to ride, he's had to keep it to a very low intensity while a suspected heart problem was diagnosed and dealt with. Having been signed off by the medics, he's now starting the journey back to full form.

With a time of 56:23 for the Hitchin Nomads 25mile F14 course, he was encouraged: "It's obviously not my best performance, but after such a long lay off, you have to start somewhere and 5th place shows I'm not a million miles away"

On the Sunday, Tony May tackled the Icknield 100 on the F1 course. The first time he'd tried the distance, he was pleased with 15th place in 4:05:20 : "It would have been great to get under the 4 hour mark, but the 100 is a very different beast compared to a typical 25 and I think I can get close based on today as a starter," he reflected.