Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Win Win Situation

John Lacey joined Paul at the Bowl last night whilst Eugene and Darren were on support duty. A plucky early attack by Paul Bird and Jason Gurney seemed to kickstart his adrenaline and he, along with Campbell Noon of Virgin Active, launched after them. Within a lap or so the attack was caught and the four were away for one of the longest breaks of the series.
Longest break? John working hard in the escape group

No doubt drawing on his 100mile chrono experiences, John hung in there taking 2nd behind Jason which sealed victory in his group.

Paul meanwhile was being marked as usual and kept his powder dry for a 300 metre sprint and an emphatic victory. Having played it canny for much of the race, he even had time to get his arms in the air.

Another win for the Caton Palmares!
"That was fun, I was feeling pretty good tonight," concluded our most prolific racer. "It's great to see John on form as well though. He must have dug really deep to be in that break for nearly the whole hour."

To see more pics from the race, visit tmgpro's flickr stream at

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