Sunday, 30 June 2013

(Almost) the full Road Race Result

After looking at the big screen, we have placings to 57th. Honourable mentions to Graeme Clarke of LBRCC. 18th place in a race as tough as that is going some as a 4th cat! Drop us an email to claim your prize. Truly heroic mention also for Andy Brill who continued and finished despite being lapped.

A win to savour for Doug Coleman

Full report still to follow

1 Douglas Coleman CC Luton 2nd
2   Danny Axford Arctic Sram RT 2nd
3 Colin Roshier Team Quest - The Bike Shop 3rd
4   Richard Cleaver Leisure Lakes 2nd
5 James Locker V-Sprint Racing 2nd
6   James Local London Dynamo 2nd
7 Simon Cannings 2nd
8   Owen Jeffries Northern CC/Dave Kane Cycles 3rd
9 Ben Carty Private 3rd
10   Robert King Private Member 2nd
11 Sean Dines Team Corley Cycles 2nd
12   Jack Beezer Edinburgh RC 2nd
13 Ben Macland VC Meudon 2nd
14   David Palmer MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling 2nd
15 Steven Hurrell API - Metrow/Essex Utilities 2nd
16   Chris Grange LBRCC-Solgar 3rd
17 Adrian Lawson Cadence RT 2nd
18   Graeme Clarke LBRCC-Solgar 4th
19 Matthew Gittings AW Cycles 2nd
20   Luke Souter Banbury Star CC 3rd
21 Pete Smith Jewson - MI Racing 3rd
22   Jonathan Marchini Beeline Bicycles RT 2nd
23 Bad Number London Dynamo ?
24   Adam Capes London Dynamo 2nd
25 Dan Tamplin Aylesbury CC 2nd
26   Stuart  King LBRCC-Solgar 3rd
27 Michael Broadwith Arctic Sram RT 3rd
28   Osama Assem Finchley RT 3rd
29 Glenn McMenamin 2nd
30   Jason Gurney 2nd
31 John Peters CC Luton 2nd
32   Darren Parker Python Racing Team 3rd
33 Stephen Morrell Aylesbury CC 3rd
34   Richard John Spirit Bikes Racing Team 3rd
35 James Archibald G.S. Henley 3rd
36   H Christian Rudolf De Laune CC 2nd
37 Ian Baynes LBRCC-Solgar 3rd
38   Tim Edwins LBRCC-Solgar 3rd
39 Sam Williamson Hemel Hempstead CC 3rd
40   Bad Number GS Henley ?
41 Bad Number Twenty 3c ?
42   Andy Marriott Spirit Racing Team 3rd
43 Simon Oxenham VC10 2nd
44   Edward Catford 4th
45 Stephen Colbert Arbis - Colbert Cycles RT 2nd
46   Andy Lack Kingston Whls CC 2nd
47 Ken Buckley AW Cycles 2nd
48   Stuart Williams Reading CC 2nd
49 Campbell Noon Virgin Active 3rd
50   Gunther Zechmann Zappi's Cycling Club 2nd
51 Robert Taylor Aylesbury CC 4th
52   Damien Breen Kingston Whls CC 2nd
53 Bad Number Python Racing Team ?
54   Richard Stanton Arbis - Colbert Cycles RT 2nd
55 Stephen Wood Peterborough CC 3rd
56   Philip Starr Python Racing Team 2nd
57 Fraser Houston Team Quest - The Bike Shop 3rd

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