Monday, 3 June 2013

Testers Take Over

With many of the road team on holiday, it was the turn of our Chronomen to shine through this weekend.
Luke Clarke - back to racing

Saturday saw Luke Clarke return to action after a prolonged winter season. Although he's been able to ride, he's had to keep it to a very low intensity while a suspected heart problem was diagnosed and dealt with. Having been signed off by the medics, he's now starting the journey back to full form.

With a time of 56:23 for the Hitchin Nomads 25mile F14 course, he was encouraged: "It's obviously not my best performance, but after such a long lay off, you have to start somewhere and 5th place shows I'm not a million miles away"

On the Sunday, Tony May tackled the Icknield 100 on the F1 course. The first time he'd tried the distance, he was pleased with 15th place in 4:05:20 : "It would have been great to get under the 4 hour mark, but the 100 is a very different beast compared to a typical 25 and I think I can get close based on today as a starter," he reflected.

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