Sunday, 6 October 2013

Silver National Medal for John

We fielded a Team of three last Sunday for the LVRC National TT Championship. Amidst the excitement of a National Medal, we were a bit slow in filing a report.

Full Gas, as they say - John Lacey shoots for Silver at the LVRC National TT Champs

Held near Coventry, a rolling course made it a tad more challenging than the typical Drag Strip most commonly associated with Time Trialling. Darren Powell joined Paul Caton, who is still battling back to form after his ruptured spleen in July and John Lacey.

John clocked the fastest time by some margin: "It's nice to see my name up there," he said afterwards. "I have spent most of the season concentrating on TTs though so I reckon this could be almost as good as it gets. I did say almost. though!"

With a time of 00:46:19, John took the Silver Medal in the B Category
Paul's Category was very hotly contested, so his time of 00:48:08 left him out of the silverware. Darren, on a rare race outing, posted 00:51:08. "It was a good experience," he said. "Hopefully I'll have time to get some more training in and try again next year!" 

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