Sunday, 27 April 2014

Two Top Tens again

Finchley RT Paul Simon Homes LVRC Road Race

Paul, Neil and Ian nipped over to Essex this morning. It was Baynesy's first LVRC race having recently graduated to the club of a 'certain age'.  Following one of Neil's long rambling monologues about how great, relaxed, civilised and friendly an LVRC race was compared to the BC variety, the break blasted away after half a lap. And stayed away for the duration.

Fortunately, Neil had taken no notice of his own 'overview' and he was alert as Vince Divine, last year's winner, took off. This was quite an achievement following a rather late night involving red wine, cheese and easter eggs, but he held on and put in some big efforts with half a lap to go when Vince put in a pretty nasty attack: "I couldn't go with him though," he admitted. Rather than sit in and wait for the sprint, he seemingly decided to burn himself out a bit more: "I suppose I just wanted to see what I could manage," but the efforts were fruitless. Leading out the sprint for 2nd place, he launched a touch early, but took 4th.

attempts to cheer Ian up were not going well

Paul, meanwhile, was playing a typically canny game and, having saved himself, took the bunch sprint and 9th place.

Ian was disappointed last week at Hog Hill, having had to pull out after 5 laps due to gear trouble. Unfortunately, the ill fortune continued today with a pinch flat on one of the many potholes on an otherwise good circuit. "Surely, I must be due some good luck next week," he sighed.

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  1. Going in the right direction chaps.................UB says so!