Monday, 9 June 2014

National Bronze for Skippy

Skippy goes flat out, head down for the finish

Rising form for our criterium specialist

Michael Skipsey joined the team last year and from a standing start he's concentrated on crafting a specific approach to closed circuit racing.

Where other team members struggle with the high pace, sharp bends and close spacing, he has applied himself and morphed into something of a specialist. "I hate hills!" he jokes

Nick Abraham - Silver, Martin Smith - Gold, Michael Skipsey, -Bronze

Despite this season's progress with regular top fives at the Fortnightly Masters Series, he went into yesterday's National Masters Criterium Championship with modest ambitions: "I  thought top ten would be enough to aim for," he recalls. "But it did fell like a bit of a home race for me and I suppose that gave me a slight advantage."

Patience is often the key at Hillingdon and, sure enough, the 90 minute race came down to a sprint finish.

"It helps when you know exactly where to go full gas because you can very easily overstretch yourself," he continues. At least I had that clarity and I managed to hold my focus and not get too overawed by the occasion."

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