Monday, 27 October 2014

The Cog TTT - an apology

We 'won' the 2nd Cog TTT yesterday. Yes, those are inverted commas, because we had a Servizio Corse scooter, unlike [as far as we know] the other teams. It was an 'unfair' advantage, but we thought in a 'just for fun' event, it would be just that - fun. Spare wheels were used, junctions were confirmed clear, gates were pre-opened and we clearly gained a decent amount of time.

So we took the advantages and 'beat' CC Luton by 2 seconds, and then were presented with a significant sum of money, which came as a bit of a surprise. By that point, the 'winning' riders had parted their ways and there was no opportunity to discuss the ill gotten gains. So our remaining representatives took the winnings amid one or two voices of concern. Having originally assumed we'd be disqualified, we were simply going to go with the organiser's decision; not least as a pic of the offending vehicle was already on the twitter feed!

outside the unwritten rules - the offending vehicle
Over the afternoon, it became clear that we'd upset one or two people and after a very short discussion between the offenders last night, we agreed a disqualification with Richard of Arbis Colbert. Internal debate continues over the details and format of a non-sanctioned 'just for fun' event, but the team is in complete agreement that we misinterpreted the concept of a Gentlemens' Time Trial and therefore shouldn't take home any money!

Particular apologies go to the superior athletes of CC Luton /  CC Ashwell / Arbis - Colbert who obviously are the rightful winners and were denied the presentation on the day. It really wasn't the intention chaps and we're sorry for any upset caused.