Monday, 13 April 2015

Luke on the Podium again

the ding dong continues

One of the first drag strip outings for the Cronomen yesterday, and Luke got the better of Ross this week at the Beds Road F1b/25. By one second. Ross has retreated to the garage for a strip down, relube and rebuild (the bike, that is). Thanks, as ever, to Davey Jones for the pics.

Ross - lower
Luke - faster
Luke was on the podium with 55:20, Ross ('obvs') 55:21, Tony at 1:01:53 (not overjoyed) and Steve at 1:02:47 (definitely not overjoyed).

Following last week's team win over Arbis-Colbert at the Icknield, we've noticed a new rider appeared on the result sheet for this event. Further research on Simon Norman reveals a 'new signing'. They're clearly relishing the challenge...

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