Sunday, 3 May 2015

GS Vecchi LVRC Race

Paul pulls through on a dreadful day

May has arrived. In calendar terms only for now. Today saw the GS Vecchi Race run in very difficult conditions, not least for the organiser, Terry Morgan who had to switch courses late in the day, instruct marshals not to wave flags and keep everything running smoothly as several waves of torrential rain gusted across the course. Thanks Terry.

Neil's wondering how he can keep the dirt off the car seats
The weather put one or two off but our three riders made the start line. Just. Neil & Baynesy were ejected from a local pub car park whilst getting ready meaning they had to join the race on the neutralised section, but the junction was made and all settled down, well, 'settled' doesn't really seem appropriate. We will, however, not succumb to use of the 'E' word.

A tough climb on each of 7 laps of a short-ish 8 mile circuit? "Staccato," said Ian, "Challenging," said Paul. Neil? He was was too busy cleaning his mouth out.

Vince Devine of Finchley set the agenda in the A's as expected. Unexpectedly, his 1st escape was reeled in after 2 laps, but it wasn't long before he went again, along with a few other s for company. Neil admits he was caught napping, "Not that I'm sure I had the legs either though," he adds. The remainder of his race was spent being generally a bit narky, knowing that the winning places were filled by the front group and wishing he'd given it everything to go with Phil Starr of Python RT when he launched a classy bridging move. 3/10

Baynesy dishes some dirt
Baynesy continued his rising form with some strong moves and was always near the front on the climb. Except when the break went. Or when he got caught behind a crash.  Then he punctured with two to go and wore out a pair of cleats when a tube donation went wrong. Game over.

he does it again - top result and podium for Paul

Paul rolled round without the drama of the A's in group C in characteristic style.

Understated as ever, he mentioned that it was a bit of a shame he might have to clean the bike when he got home. Oh yes, he took 3rd place in group C. Smooth.

So a gritty performance by all, but the cream rose to the top as it tends to do. Thanks to Paul Burgoine for some seriously good pics - more on his zenfolio site.