Monday, 13 July 2015

Paul wins his own race!

clear win, but easily?
It was a busy weekend for TMG Horizon Cycling Team. Not only did we run our annual BC 160km Road Race on the Cublington Circuit but we also put on three races at Hog Hill as part of the LVRC Toachmin Vets race series. This race was run in conjunction with the Verulam CC who helped provide some of the helpers on the day.

Fortunately Hog Hill is an easy location to run a race so this allowed Paul Caton to also compete in Race 3. To keep things simple all races were run over 1 hour and 1 lap making them more of a criterium than an endurance event although with a steep hill each lap they were still testing races.

Race 1 was for the EFGH age categories with a reasonable turn out of around 30 riders and won by ex-International Rider Bob Downs of Rapha Condor in a solo breakaway.

digging in on the Hoggenberg
Race 2 for the AB category riders had around 40 riders take to the line and won again by an International track rider Anthony Wallis of Ciclos Uno again in a long solo breakaway.

Race 3 for the CD age categories was won by ... Paul! He jumped away from the start line to gain 15 seconds very quickly. Soon joined by Colin Roshier, the two worked well together, almost lapping the peloton. Paul proved too strong for Roshier in the final sprint taking the win 'easily' (his words).

Paul reflected afterwards: "The blustery conditions made it ideal for a long breakaway effort although the wind and having to climb that hill every 3 minutes made it hard.! It’s great to be on the podium with two riders that I used to read about and aspired to be like when I was a youngster."

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