Monday, 21 September 2015

The Baran Knight moves up

New Boy comes good for another Crit special

his training's paying off y'know
Jason Baran was flying in June. His win at the Bowl made us think the roll was just beginning. Then he went on holiday. So a few more nondescript frustrating races followed which weren't worth reporting on, no offence and all.

Now about this time of year, a certain end of season je ne sais quoi seems to hang in the air. Something along the lines of Ooooh it's nearly over, I'll maybe have that extra bottle of wine, ice cream etc [no names, no pack drill]. Not so Jason. Or Ian, who both rocked up for the BIG events Crit at Hillingdon on Saturday.

They had a plan, and they stuck to it by all accounts. Something of a first there then. Baynesy reckoned it was the hardest 5 minutes he's done all year [according to his scientific instruments].

So after batting away with one of them off the front at most points in the race, Jason clipped off the front with 5 laps to go. Joined by one other, it was eyeballs out to the finish and he took 2nd place. Good work! More specifically, congratulations on moving up to 3rd cat. We knew he'd do it, honest.

No slacking on Ian's part either, who rolled over the line with a bit of traffic in 10th. Life in the old dog yet...

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  1. Baynesy and I are hatching a plan to actually put some effort in and try for 2nd cat next year! You heard it here first! ;)