Friday, 4 December 2015

Crossing the Off Season

It's the off season. Oh no it isn't. Oh yes it is.

The team has generally sat this Cyclo Cross thing out. As one rider was heard to remark - you tend to spend more time washing your bike than riding it when you do 'cross.
Happy isn't he? thanks Matt O' Connor

We are more concerned as a group at the lack of opportunities to sit in. There is no bunch. There's usually a lot of mud. And it's not very fast. You should probably have a break after a season of racing. You might pick up something from the mud etc that goes flying.Then, when you've finished, covered in the proverbial, how can you realistically jump in the car and drive home? Oh yes, just get changed in the winter open air of course.

Paul wins at the Zappi's round in November

Despite all this, Cross seems to be on a massive growth spurt. The Central Cross League is being hotly contested at all levels from youth newcomers on 16 inch wheels to Elite Roadies looking to maintain a bit of fitness through the 'off' season.

No doubt one of the key advantages is that it's safer for all ages and abilities with no public roads involved, softer landings and slower speeds generally.
Paul has thrown himself into this rather strange disc-braked world of slippy slidey lawn cycling and seems to be enjoying it. The fact that he has won a couple of rounds and podiumed pretty much every week has probably helped.

At the time of writing, he's top of the Central Cross League rankings for his age group. 2 wins, a second and 2 thirds. Blinding. If the wrong stuff hits you in the eye, literally.

Paul - you're bonkers. Now onwards to the Winter Series*