Monday, 18 July 2016

Richard and Anthony in the points at the Ken Lush

What a difference a week makes - a warm sunny day made for an altogether more pleasant race this week for our National B duo.

Richard was as watchful as ever but a touch less restless than usual in the opening laps as
A few more points on the board: Ant relaxes post-milkshake
a succession of accelerations failed to make any impression on the main group. When a move went with 5 to go though, he was caught out as it drifted away up the road. Cue a flurry of counter moves which were predictably brought back by attentive team mates of the eight escapees and a lap later the break was well established with around a minute of cushioning.

As the attacks died down, Richard picked his moment and chipped off the front with four others to establish a chase group. Within a lap, they had a minute on the bunch with another 1:30 to the leading group: "It was hard but manageable," says Richard. "Just!"

The bunch was starting to break up under the strain of the pace as patience wore thin, and when another rider attacked off the front, Anthony went with him: "I knew Rich was away, and initially it was just a case of following the wheel and seeing where we went," he recalls."But people were tiring so it was nice when I realised we had a clear gap and there were only two of us."

So with two of our riders in the three front groups, it came down to how much everyone had left by the finish. Richard came in 12th and Ant 15th: "Nice morning out," concluded Richard. "We treated ourselves to a milkshake on the way home!"

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Duncan Murray Wines Road Race - Wood in the top 10

Richard going early again

bit messy: Anthony Morris in a wet bunch
Whilst a number of our riders were taking a not-particularly-deserved weekend off racing, Anthony and Richard were in action at the Duncan Murray Wines Road Race yesterday.

Although our training circuit at Cublington is less than an hour away from this race, the conditions were very different.

The race-shy contingent had barely a drop of rain to contend with whilst the racers were soaked in a dramatic deluge. Who said the sun shines on the righteous?

Richard kicked off with a characteristically early move. As happened at our own Road Race 2 weeks ago, a gap was quickly established with the bunch deciding to grant the break some rope. After all, they always come back don't they? Well they did then...

Richard in the front as a bridging group with some big engines claws its way up
With the heavens open, he got some good use out of his Acquaviva short sleeve and the momentum of the break continued, opening out to 1:30, although 1:30 was as big as the gap would get. so maybe the bunch was policing it?

Well, yes they were keeping an eye, but not, as it turns out, close enough. Richard's early move picked up a few strong guys who bridged mid-race and added to the collective effort, numbering 11 in total by the final lap. 

With that combined strength, they managed to stay away but as increasingly desperate attacks off the front of the bunch came thick and fast late on the final lap, the breakaway started to disintegrate. Richard was pretty depleted after yet another all-race escape  but still managed 9th. "That was quite a morning out," he laughed afterwards. "A bit messy, but it was a great workout and my legs will feel that tomorrow. It definitely emptied the tank!"

Anthony rolled in with the bunch: "Not my kind of weather,"he joked. "Maybe it'll be summer next week!"

Thanks to Haigh Photography for the photos

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Tipper takes the Win at 2016 TMG Trophy

Patience paid off for Jacob Tipper on Sunday as he held his nerve against a powerful breakaway group and saved himself for an irresistible uphill finish against local strongmen.

Organiser Neil Wass has always championed longer races on the Cublington Circuit in Buckinghamshire: “Even when we did Regional A races here, we were 50% over the minimum distance,” he explains. “I‘ve always enjoyed seeing the cream rise to the top!”

the early break included TMG's Richard Wood - pic - Simon Gill
There was no fear of the distance however as a break formed only 10km into the race including TMG’s own Richard Wood, an acknowledged early move specialist, with some serious muscle in the form of Ollie Barbieri of Spirit Bikes and Chris Dredge of NHT Cycling Team plus 2 riders from Wellingborough cycles. First passage of the finish and the break looked like a typical early move with only 20 seconds on the bunch.

Hot Pursuit: Coleman & co. pic - Simon Gill
One lap later, Chris Dredge powered to the fore to take The Unicorn Prime and the gap was up to one minute ten, but the group had also swelled to 9 with the
addition of James Rix of Loughborough CC and Pierre Vernie of Godfrey Bikewear amongst others. Richard Wood of TMG recalls: “We were working hard but it felt sustainable and we knew we had a pretty good quality group.”

With 5 laps to go, the pace continued at its consistently high level, but Chris Dredge was allowing no-one any respite and was still pulling away from the other escapees as they crested the hill.

The lead group was starting to look more useful and, sensing a threat, it wasn’t long before a trio launched a bridging move. Douglas Coleman (CC Luton), Mark Baines (Spirit Bikes) and Tom Neale teamed up in pursuit of the head of the race, but again, with 4 to go, Dredge opened a gap of 7 seconds on his allies to take the Bike Loft Prime. 40 seconds later, the chase group crossed the line, clearly believing the early move was going to stick, fully committed and going deep. The bunch was a further 1:18 back and the break looked well established, with three reinforcements on their way. Says Coleman “There was nothing more we could give. We were going flat out – it had to succeed.”

Lap five, and as the chase group crossed and hitched up with the leaders, the bunch seemed to wake to the threat. With three laps to go, Coleman took charge at the front in the break whilst in-form Lawrence Carpenter of Nuun Sigma Sport led the bunch up Cublington Hill, the gap down to a minute. It was pretty finely balanced, and by now the full field had been reduced to around 50 riders as the pace took its toll, but the gap closed further and as Dredge took the Greyhound Enoteca Prime with 2 laps to go, the gap was down to 31 seconds, the bunch clearly smelling blood.

As the race took the bell for the final lap, it was all change at the front with a new attack on the move. Roy Chamberlain of Corley Cycles was forcing the pace, driving a new escape followed by Josh Jones, Barnabas Purbrook of London Dynamo, Mike Wragg of CC Luton and gutsy junior James O’ Connell of Regents Park Rouleurs.

The bunch was far too attentive to let this go though and the high pace continued, with the final lap only 24 seconds longer than the second. As the race approached the finish hill, it was all together and even after 162km the 12% finish hill didn’t create many gaps. Jacob Tipper of Pedal Heaven showed his form though as he solo's to the win. Although only 1 second, his gap over 2nd place Jake Hales of Spirit Bikes was bigger than any of those behind him. Managing to raise his arms as he approached the line, he was clearly delighted. "If i could choose a second rider to me, it would be Jake," he winked. "I coach him so it's as good as it gets!"
time to get the arms in the air: clear win on Cublington Hill for Jacob Tipper pic - Simon Gill

Tipper’s win comes hot on the heels of his win at the CC Luton Neil Gardner Memorial the week before.

Was he not concerned about the break? “Although they got a good gap at one stage I wasn’t too worried as it was a long race, and I felt there were too many people in the break to work effectively. There were riders working on the front of the bunch to bring the break back.”
Chris Dredge, Jacob Tipper, Jake Hales pic - Simon Gill

1. Jacob Tipper Pedal Heaven Racing Team 3h49m56s
2. Jake Hales Spirit Bikes Race Team
3. Chris Dredge Nieuwe Hoop Tielen
4. Ken Buckley Eden Veranda Racing Team
5. Josh Burns Private Member
6. Andrew Williams Cwmcarn Paragon
7. Tom Neale Private Member
8. James Ireson KTM Impsport Racing Team
9.James Rix Loughborough CC
10. Martin Ford Planet X Northside
11. Stanley Kennett PMR Toachim House RT
12.Henry Farrell Hoste TAAP Storck
13. Matthew Webster Wellingborough Cycles RT
14.Josh Jones Private Member
15. Peter Cocker Giant Rutland Wattbike
16. Charlie Passfield CC Ashwell
17 James Local Hoste TAAP Storck
18.Ray Wilson London Dynamo
19. Cameron Jeffers Team Corley Cycles
20. Lawrence Carpenter Nuun Sigma Sport RT
21. Tom Bowering PMR Toachim House RT
22. Freddie Philips Hoste TAAP Storck
23. Ashley Cox CC Luton
24. Tom Fitzpatrick Spirit Bikes Race Team
25. Barnabas Purbrook London Dynamo
26. Will Corden Mammoth Lifestyle Racing
27. Andy Critchlow Wyndymilla RT
28. James O’ Connell Regents Park Rouleurs
29. Alex Hunt Pedalworks Performance
30. Martin Smith Dream Cycling RT
31. Andy Bonsall Wyndymilla RT
32. Oliver Barbieri Spirit Bikes Race Team
33. Will Scott Team Corley Cycles
34. David Bates Altura Wheelbase RT
35. Richard Wood TMG Horizon Cycling Team
36. Graham Knight Equipe Velo
37. Robin Basford Wyndymilla RT
38. James Moss MTS Cyclesport Scott RT
39. Doug Coleman CC Luton
40. Jack Waller Spirit Bikes Race Team
41. George Gori Nuun Sigma Sport RT
42. Riko Sibbe London Dynamo

in-form - Jacob Tipper
all pictures (c) Simon Gill Photography @simongillphoto

Unicorn Cublington Prime  - Chris Dredge, Nieuwe Hoop Tielen
The Bike Loft Prime – Chris Dredge, Nieuwe Hoop Tielen
Greyhound Enoteca Prime – Chris Dredge, Nieuwe Hoop Tielen

thanks to our Race sponsors and supporters

finish line lap times & splits

Sunday, 26 June 2016

TMG Trophy 2016 Confirmed Result

Congratulations to Jacob Tipper of Pedal Heaven RT, a clear win after a patient waiting game in the bunch. Huge respect also to Chris Dredge of Nieuwe Hoop Tielen for bossing the break, winning all three Primes and still taking 3rd place. Full report to follow but all placings are now confirmed.

1. Jacob Tipper Pedal Heaven Racing Team 
2. Jake Hales Spirit Bikes Race Team
3. Chris Dredge Nieuwe Hoop Tielen
4. Ken Buckley Eden Veranda Racing Team
5. Josh Burns Private Member
6. Andrew Williams Cwmcarn Paragon
7. Tom Neale Private Member
8. James Ireson KTM Impsport Racing Team
9.James Rix Loughborough CC
10. Martin Ford Planet X Northside
11. Stanley Kennett PMR Toachim House RT
12. Henry Farrell Hoste TAAP Storck
13. Matthew Webster Wellingborough Cycles RT
14.Josh Jones Private Member
15. Peter Cocker Giant Rutland Wattbike
16. Charlie Passfield CC Ashwell
17 James Local Hoste TAAP Storck
18.Ray Wilson London Dynamo
19. Cameron Jeffers Team Corley Cycles
20. Lawrence Carpenter Nuun Sigma Sport RT

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

North Bucks Festival of Cycling inc National Masters

Paul closest to National Podium on a busy weekend

always up for a dig: Richard
We're fortunate to have some ambitious race organisers in our local area. It means that we regularly get to ride the National Masters Championships with only an hour's drive. So, unsurprisingly, the team turnout was good this weekend for this Festival in Newton Longville near Milton Keynes.

Jason (Bs) got things going accompanied by Chris and Richard in the Cs. Fearless as ever, Richard got into one or two moves but the course was not particularly selective and there was minimal wind which made it generally more difficult to stay away. Jason tried to be a bit more conservative and finished just inside the top 20: "It felt a little bit easier this year than last," he said afterwards. "Hopefully it wasn't and I have a bit more form."
another chip off the front by Neil

Michael Skipsey, Guy and Neil were in the 'biggest' age group in the afternoon. The 45-49 Ds were well represented with a smattering of ex pros and plenty of local speed merchants. Neil decided he was going to do whatever he had to to get in a break. Having attacked and succeeded with Martin Smith of Dream Cycling on lap four, the duo were joined by Gray Turnock and one other but the bunch woke up to the threat within half a lap. Neil also woke up to the fact that his legs may not have survived much longer! Michael was our man for the sprint, but seemed to launch about 1km early and despite a massive effort, his lone attack was swallowed up with about 500m to go. Guy was just happy to get round and also survive a nudge into the verge around the last bend.

So on to Sunday then, the Central League Road Race with Chris Burns, our newest recruit and the Es and Paul Caton, our most 'experienced' campaigner. 

Chris rode a pretty canny race in the 234 and although he missed the break, managed a respectable acceleration in the finale to take 13th place and a couple of Central League Points. Handy.


conserving energy
"I can't say I was brimming with confidence before the start as my form has only just returned after a hard winter of cyclo cross plus the circuit was pretty flat with no real climb to make a move or make some legs hurt". He had however, saved his new TMGPRO Road Suit for the occasion.

Paul was pretty active in the first half of the race trying to make a break work whilst also being alert to the many counter attacks by the other riders including Jim Moffatt of CC Luton. It became apparent though that the peloton was not going to let anything go so he decided to sit in a bit and wait for something to happen on the last lap but in doing so missed eventual winner Ralph Carter clip of the front and solo to the win.

sprinting for 5th
Biding his time in the bunch, he positioned himself well for the sprint which meant quite a bit of assertive riding with elbows to keep a good place in the last kilometre. With a flat sprint into a headwind this was not a finish ideally suited to his lean build.

"I sensed a slight hesitation in the peloton so with 200 metres to go I launched my sprint," he recalls. "I actually held a medal place until 20 metres to go when 3 more powerful riders managed to get round me. So I ended up 5th, initially I was really disappointed but in retrospect it was not a bad ride on a course which was for from ideal for me."

Thanks to Andy Whitehouse for the great pictures and Wayne Thomas and the team at North Bucks Road Club for taking on such a massive organisational job.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Fanfare for the KOMmon man

full of beans
Restless Rich. We don't actually call him that, but it wouldn't be entirely inappropriate. He's not only one of the quickest on the team, he's also someone who likes to light up a race. Never afraid to try and attack; sometimes his efforts succeed, sometimes they fail, but the question is, what would you class as a failure? Sitting in and waiting for the bunch sprint only to get blocked in and lose any training value? Or smash out some power work and give it a try?

Adding to the restless moniker, he was apparently awake at 5am yesterday, preoccupying himself [as you do] with the hubs on his deep section race wheels. Straying from the raceday manual, he elected to treat his insomnia with an impromptu rebuild. Done and dusted by 7. Well, every little helps.

in the thick of it. Thanks to Michael Cowland for the pic

So, Richard Wood did what he often does at the Wellingborough Cycles Road Race yesterday morning. An E123 race with the likes of CC Luton and Spirit Racing in attendance is never going to be a walk in the park, but Richard went with several early moves and in doing so, gathered up some points in the King of the Mountains competition. In fact, he took more than anyone else, which netted him a rather substantial box of High Energy Jelly Beans.

Nice work - with those in his back pocket, he's going to pretty handy for future training runs.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Win for Ross at the Norlond 30

Ross continued a rich run of form this morning with a win at the Norlond 30 on the F1B course. Brother Luke was close behind for second place.

New Tripstar Skinsuit pic: Dave Jones
There was little to separate him and Ross who started as the top seeds in the annual event, for which they took home medals. Tony May completed the team effort with a great ride for 8th place which netted us the team prize too.

1 Ross Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team 1:04:40 27.84 mph
2 Luke Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team 1:06:24 27.11 mph
3 Andy Lack Paceline RT 1:07:42 26.59 mph
4 Julian Pegg Hitchin Nomads CC 1:10:55 25.38 mph
5 John Watson Hitchin Nomads CC 1:11:29 25.18 mph
6 Jim Trevor Hull Thursday RC 1:11:40 25.12 mph
7 Jon Friend 1:12:12 24.93 mph
8 Tony May TMG Horizon Cycling Team 1:12:19 24.89 mph
9 James Cornell Hitchin Nomads CC 1:13:04 24.64 mph
10 Alan Crane Chronos RT 1:14:01 24.32 mph
11 Ian Markham Chronos RT 1:14:04 24.3 mph
12 Peter Trotman A5 Rangers CC 1:14:29 24.17 mph
13 Anthony Newland Bossard Whs 1:15:10 23.95 mph
14 Graham Pepperdine Verulam CC 1:16:40 23.48 mph
15 Richard Moule Bossard Whs 1:17:19 23.28 mph
16 Adrian Taverna St Neots CC 1:17:20 23.28 mph
17 David Rogers Hemel Hempstead CC 1:20:19 22.41 mph
18 Trevor Watson Bossard Whs 1:23:18 21.61 mph
19 Joanna Spragg Bossard Whs 1:26:09 20.89 mph
20 David Stockley A5 Rangers CC 1:30:38 19.86 mph
21 Keith Richardson Mildenhall CC 1:30:51 19.81 mph
22 John Hassall Bossard Whs 1:32:39

Monday, 18 April 2016

Podium for Ian at the CC Luton Claydons Classic

Ian Baynes - inching up the standings
Having taken 4th last week, Ian's confidence has had a bit of a boost but he started the Claydons Classic yesterday with modest expectations: " I'd heard from the guys who did it last year that Pitchcott Hill had real sting in it," he says. "So I decided to ride as conservatively as I dared."

Neil meanwhile decided to go for anything that moved whilst simultaneously losing his head completely. Lap one saw him miss an early move, leading to an unplanned early effort to bridge and then go straight on at the Whitchurch left turn, leading to a very near miss with poor Nick Corbett of Equipe Velo who had the fright of his life. 

He is very sorry Nick. He won't forget the chase back on either: "I managed to find a couple of sympathetic convoy vehicles but it was a flat-out effort over about 6 miles to get back on," he winces. That should teach him that late night eating and drinking does not sit well with a Stallard Series Road Race.

These somewhat haphazard excursions meant the sting was somewhat diluted in Neil's legs by the finale. Realising this, he sat up safely as the predictable stampede gathered pace, but Ian had been a bit more savvy and was picking his way through the melee. Although he too had to ease off, he'd already powered through enough positions to land 3rd 'A' rider. "Quite chuffed with that," he concludes. "It all seems to be heading in the right direction."

2nd next week perhaps?

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Richard Wood takes a win at the Inaugural Watford Velo Hardriders

Whiteleaf Hill. The backdrop for many a broken dream / cooked pair of legs.

As the principal climb in the Archer Grand Prix of old, its reputation is pretty big, but modern risk assessments and police costs have meant it can no longer be used So, the Watford Velo mob decided to try a Time Trial up it. Twice.

Hardriders is the traditional term for an early season smash up round a not-so-flat circuit, but this is probably the toughest TT climb for a 50 mile radius. No soft pedalling up this one.

Chris enjoying the hill
Darren - head down and focus

Richard - Road Bike Win
We had Darren Powell, Chris Olley and Richard Wood lined up for this painfest.

2 degrees at the start line wasn't ideal, but they all turned out.

Richard was the fastest by some margin in the Road Bike category and only lost out to Danny Axford on the scratch result so a very impressive run by him and a well-deserved win.

Chris was nicely in the top half of the field, whilst Darren was mid field - he's more of a pure speed merchant than a climber.

1st Danny Axford Arctic Tacx 0:36:57
2nd Richard Wood, TMG Horizon CT 0:37:58
3rd Richard Gildea Didcot Phoenix CC 0:38:26
16th Chris Olley TMG Horizon CT 0:43:16
25th Darren Powell TMG Horizon CT 0:44:38

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Win for Michael Skipsey at Herne Hill Veterans Track League

Yes, he's off the mark! Our Skippy has returned to the fold and wasted little time, swinging
straight into action.

First appearances were at Hillingdon last week, where he got back into the groove but missed a couple of opportunities to get in the break. So there was probably a touch of frustration to take out this afternoon at the Herne Hill outdoor track.

Good news is that he got in the points placings on the Scratch Race and took a win in the B Points Race. He also 'won' the Win Out before being DQ'd. Great news and he clearly has some good form to work with. 

Monday, 11 April 2016

Neil Wins the Lovelo Road Race

Well that's the suspense gone then. Rather a lot of excitement surrounding this new event. A direct result of the new Central Road Race League, the race draws together a lot of local clubs and there was quite a bit of 'hype' leading up to it given organiser Nick Clarke's undisputed enthusiasm and attention to detail; not to mention the fact that this man appears to be the single biggest user of social media on Planet Earth....
early doors, take it easy. Please.
Both hands on the bars Baynesy, both hands on the bars

Chilly start, one or two surreptitious conversations in the HQ and off they went. Two riders for the first half, two for the second. Except of course, road racing never goes to plan. Especially when Neil gets the heebeegeebees about gravel, turns and 3-4 races. Paranoid. So he decided to nip off the front on both downhill bends for the early laps, confusing things generally, but  you can't be too careful. Apparently.

Sitting on your hands is never easy in a bike race; it can cause difficulties with steering amongst other things. The team were however, uncharacteristically measured and patient, allowing other teams a bit of space to stretch their legs in the early stages whilst other teams chased the leg - stretchers down. On the whole, it was pretty typical of a Regional B race where no-one is generally ballsy enough to commit to a full - blooded attack but most are happy to bury themselves as they pull back any attempted escapes.

King of the (admittedly not large) Mountain
The predictable pattern was, however,  punctuated by a punch through the parcours by Jason, who soared up the rise through Soulbury on lap three to claim the KOM prize.

With the KOM done, the pattern continued. Even a concerted effort between Neil and Richard Edwards of CC Luton with 2 to go up the rise out of Soulbury was given short shrift by the bunch. "I was surprised," recalls Neil. "We gave it everything over the crest of the hill, but there was barely 10 seconds. There were plenty of willing chasers - no allies in the bunch despite us both having team mates who would sandbag the surges."

Another go on the final lap and it seemed pretty clear a bunch finish was in prospect. Says Ian "It was time to buckle up and look at conservation." 

Neil parked himself near the front and surfed the front of the bunch, timing his final effort as best he could and edged out Ben Stowe of Hemel Hempstead CC in the last 20 metres or so: "Ben had done a lot of work in the last couple of K's,"he says. "But he was still strong and I knew I couldn't afford to underestimate him." Ahem, don't mention the age gap either.

how low can you go? Winning Sprint. And Grimace,

Tight behind the winning move, Ian followed to take 4th place behind Joel Stewart of Kenton. All in all, a very successful morning. 

Some great selective efforts by all our lot and perhaps worth mentioning that over a third of the field had been dropped by the end, which perhaps shows that the circuit is at least a little bit selective, even when the bunch cling together like limpets.

Commiserations to Chris Olley who was rear ended by another rider to take out his rear mech so he had to hitch a lift to the finish.

sensible expression, good presentation
2015 Jason expression. Well with a medallion like that...
questionable presentation. caption anyone?
Big thanks from our lot to the Lovelo Crew for putting on a new race within riding distance and doing such a slick job. Let's hope it's around for a few years to come. 

Given the profile of the inaugural event, we anticipate nothing less an after party headlined by, Annie Mac next year.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

1-2 for Ross and Luke at the Beds Road 25

Brrr a bit. Stop. Whoooaaa. We did that several TTs ago and besides, this was Baltic with a capital B. Approx 2 degrees in the Freeze department.

now that looks fast. Win for Ross

So we had Ross, Luke, Darren and Steve on the F1b/25 this morning.

No DNS which at that temperature is pretty impressive, but more to the point, the times weren't too shabby either.

Speaking afterwards, Ross was baffled by his time. Apparently, he was only a few seconds off his midsummer PB. He could only attribute this to his new tmgpro Tripstar Skinsuit. Honestly. Well that and his position being a bit lower maybe.

The others did us proud too, with Luke close behind Ross for 2nd place, Darren coming in under the hour for 17th and Steve with a great vets time.

Result – Bedfordshire RC Open 25
1 Ross Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team 00:52:49
2 Luke Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team 00:53:18
3 Steve Torley Team Milton Keynes 00:55:56
4 Dermot Kealey Finchley Racing Team 00:56:35
5 David Langlands Fenland Clarion CC 00:56:37
6 Kieron Lewis Bedfordshire Road RT 00:56:43
7 Anthony Collier Hoddesdon Tri Club 00:56:52
8 Richard Golding Equipe Velo 00:57:02
9 Robert Saunders North Bucks RC 00:57:32
10 Jon Friend Bedfordshire Road RT 00:57:35
11 Ian Pike Fenland Road Club 00:57:52
12 Nick Hitchens Peterborough CC 00:57:57
13 Matthew Reader Verulam CC 00:57:58
14 Richard Sheldrake Lincoln Whs CC 00:58:25
15 Mark Ellis Team Milton Keynes 00:58:29
16 Julian Pegg Hitchin Nomads CC 00:59:12
17 Darren Powell TBC 00:59:21
18 Andy Wickham North Bucks RC 00:59:30
19 Matt Donovan Bedfordshire Road RT 00:59:52
20 Nick Hickman Hitchin Nomads CC 00:59:57
21 David Price North Bucks RC 01:00:13
22 David Cook Bedfordshire Road RT 01:01:01
23 Paul French Bedfordshire Road RT 01:01:03
24 Steve Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team 01:01:21
25 Jason Lee Team Milton Keynes 01:01:31

Coalville Wheelers Men's Road Race

It's grim up North. 

Of course, North is relative. Specifically, to where you happen to be standing at the time you say this, but such statements must be considered. Neil from North Yorkshire considers Derbyshire folk to be Midlanders. Sheffield just about passes as North for him. Chris from Edgware considers Hemel Hempstead as North.

no pics from this race so here's an archive shot
If you were looking to to name somewhere Northern-sounding and onomatopoeic, it would surely be Coalville.

It is however only 1hr 11 minutes away from Milton Keynes by road. Which probably explains why Richard Wood nipped up there for a race this morning. For him, Watford Gap is the definitive divider, so Coalville is North, although not especially grim.

You may be guessing from this preamble that there is not a huge amount to report from this fixture. Well, Richard had modest expectations. After all, he's done a few hilly TTs this year but sailing straight into an E12 race generally requires a bit of reassessment of what 'hard' means.

He got stuck straight in with the early break which stayed away for all but 2 laps. Still readjusting, he joined the express train counter move and hung on to the finish to take 13th place. A  pretty impressive 1st race back for our top ranked rider. Close behind a certain John Tanner...

Result – Coalville Wheelers Men’s RR
1 Joseph Clark Envelopemaster Giant Sheffield
2 Jake Tanner Envelopemaster Giant Sheffield
3 Alex Richardson pedal heaven excel academy
4 Ross Lamb Godfrey Bikewear Race Team
5 Roy Chamberlin Team Corley Cycles
6 David Shacketon Wilsons Wheels Race Team
7 Richard Hepworth Raleigh
8 Steve Young Giant Store Rutland / Wattbike
9 John Tanner uattached/Private member
10 Lea Baldwin Champion System VCUK Racing Team
11 Russell Holder Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team
12 Josh Housley Team PB Performance
13 Richard Wood TMG Horizon Cycling Team
14 Jonathan Fowles Champion System VCUK Racing Team
15 Greig Burt Beeston Cycling Club
16 Douglas Coleman CC Luton
17 Archie Cross University of Sheffield CC
18 Michael Burke Welland Valley CC
19 Ollie Taylor Wellingborough Cycles Race Team
20 Andrew Magnier Giordana-Mitsubishi Electric RT

Monday, 4 April 2016

Neil on the Podium at Cranfield

The Tricky Triangle at Cranfield has its own distinct identity. As with a lot of things in cycling, it's a love/hate thing. It's great that it's safe, predictable in terms of road surface, low traffic, and reasonably challenging. It's a bit of a hybrid; long criterium laps without the cornering risks. Intriguingly - plenty of visibility and yet a break usually succeeds.

If you're not going well it's never a good day but the Triangle seems to make a bad day
"peeanooooFoxy!" Neil tries to keep in the early break
worse. There's little in the way of shelter and every 5 minutes, you have the draggy headwind rise to contend with.

Not the sort of circuit you'd pre-empt with three bottles of wine the night before then.

Plenty of expectation of Equipe vs CC Luton yesterday as was evident at the Baines Racing LVRC race in March. Neil was on his own, but threw caution to the wind and got in an early-ish break with James Fox of CC Luton. After 3 laps though, he was struggling and had to drop off the 2up train. 

With 7 laps to go, another soft break clipped off containing once again Fox plus Richard Edwards of CC Luton, but also Jez Honor from Equipe Velo and Phil Rayner of  Welland Valley CC and a newcomer called Arlen Vartazarian who had a unique approach to through and off. Despite one or two rivals flagging him at the start, Neil made it into this move with yet another effort.

In spite of some differences of opinion, the group maintained its gap and made it over the line with a comfortable margin. "It wasn't very comfortable," he recalls. "I gave a lot of effort to the early break so by the time the sprint came, I couldn't really figure." Still, 3rd. There have been worse starts to the season. And next time, maybe a drop less wine might help.

Corley Cycles/Team MK LVRC Race April 3rd 2016
A Results

Race number First Name Surname Team
1 10 Arlen Vartazarian Regents Park Rouleurs
2 2 James Fox CC Luton
3 11 Neil Wass TMG Horizon
4 5 Sheridan Bridal Abellio SFA Racing
5 3 Michael Jackson CC Luton
6 1 Glenn McMenamin Equipe Velo
7 4 Paul Dring Echelon Velo RT
8 13 Tim Edwins Equipe Velo

B Results
1 20 Jeremy Honor Equipe Velo
2 9 Mark Daly Colourtech-RT
3 7 Simon Cannings Equipe Velo
4 19 Paul Bird CC Luton
5 17 Ian Reeds HOPE Velo
6 13 Andrew Lowe Team MK
7 18 John Watson
8 4 Michael D'Arcy Bonito Squadra Corse
9 2 John Peters CC Luton