Sunday, 20 March 2016

Luke on the Podium at Sid Latchford TT

A bit parky this morning. And a bit slippery too, not in an aerodynamic way,  rather in a don't-overcook-the-corner kind of way.
keeping it aero, even on the Beacon Hairpin - Luke

Six starters who we're pleased to say, all turned up in spite of the dreary conditions to face a couple of local landmark climbs.

Now it's a TT so there's not a lot of race action to report on, but new rider Richard Wood did his best to pep up the occasion. Turning out on his road bike and cornering on the Dagnall Roundabout F1 - style, he also managed to escape the attention of the timekeeper at the finish. 

In a manner not especially familiar to team long-termers, he was absolutely honest about his finish time which left him just off the prizes, beaten by Roy Chamberlain and strangely netted him a spot prize.

Team performance of the day though belonged to Luke Clarke who came in 3rd behind the Arctic-Tacx duo of Mike Broadwith and Danny Axford. No shame in being beaten by those two.

Special mention also for Darren Powell. Two years ago he did 1:01:37 . Like many of us, he's not exactly approaching the 'sweet spot' of athletic performance [in other words he's over the hill] but today... 3 minutes faster. Serious progress: "I'm looking forward to this season," he admitted. He'll get over it.

Un jour sans / giorno di no for Ross. Very rare for him to have an off day, but he just couldn't get his engine going. A 55:31 was not a happy time for him but he did at least keep going.

Mike Parker's first appearance for the team went off without a hitch, except for the missed skinsuit handover at the start and the fact that his team helmet won't fit his exceedingly large bonce. Early days.

1 Michael Broadwith Arctic Tacx RT 50:43
2 Danny Axford Arctic Tacx RT 51:31
3 Luke Clarke TMG Horizon CT 52:24
4 Paul Lewis Arctic Tacx RT 52:40

12 Richard Wood TMG Horizon CT 55:23 *Road Bike

16 Ross Clarke TMG Horizon CT 55:31

24 John Lacey Hemel Hempstead CC 57:48

28 Darren Powell TMG Horizon CT 58:24

40 Christian Olley TMG Horizon CT 1:00:21
41 Michael Parker TMG Horizon CT 1:00:36

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