Monday, 18 April 2016

Podium for Ian at the CC Luton Claydons Classic

Ian Baynes - inching up the standings
Having taken 4th last week, Ian's confidence has had a bit of a boost but he started the Claydons Classic yesterday with modest expectations: " I'd heard from the guys who did it last year that Pitchcott Hill had real sting in it," he says. "So I decided to ride as conservatively as I dared."

Neil meanwhile decided to go for anything that moved whilst simultaneously losing his head completely. Lap one saw him miss an early move, leading to an unplanned early effort to bridge and then go straight on at the Whitchurch left turn, leading to a very near miss with poor Nick Corbett of Equipe Velo who had the fright of his life. 

He is very sorry Nick. He won't forget the chase back on either: "I managed to find a couple of sympathetic convoy vehicles but it was a flat-out effort over about 6 miles to get back on," he winces. That should teach him that late night eating and drinking does not sit well with a Stallard Series Road Race.

These somewhat haphazard excursions meant the sting was somewhat diluted in Neil's legs by the finale. Realising this, he sat up safely as the predictable stampede gathered pace, but Ian had been a bit more savvy and was picking his way through the melee. Although he too had to ease off, he'd already powered through enough positions to land 3rd 'A' rider. "Quite chuffed with that," he concludes. "It all seems to be heading in the right direction."

2nd next week perhaps?

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