Monday, 23 May 2016

Fanfare for the KOMmon man

full of beans
Restless Rich. We don't actually call him that, but it wouldn't be entirely inappropriate. He's not only one of the quickest on the team, he's also someone who likes to light up a race. Never afraid to try and attack; sometimes his efforts succeed, sometimes they fail, but the question is, what would you class as a failure? Sitting in and waiting for the bunch sprint only to get blocked in and lose any training value? Or smash out some power work and give it a try?

Adding to the restless moniker, he was apparently awake at 5am yesterday, preoccupying himself [as you do] with the hubs on his deep section race wheels. Straying from the raceday manual, he elected to treat his insomnia with an impromptu rebuild. Done and dusted by 7. Well, every little helps.

in the thick of it. Thanks to Michael Cowland for the pic

So, Richard Wood did what he often does at the Wellingborough Cycles Road Race yesterday morning. An E123 race with the likes of CC Luton and Spirit Racing in attendance is never going to be a walk in the park, but Richard went with several early moves and in doing so, gathered up some points in the King of the Mountains competition. In fact, he took more than anyone else, which netted him a rather substantial box of High Energy Jelly Beans.

Nice work - with those in his back pocket, he's going to pretty handy for future training runs.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Win for Ross at the Norlond 30

Ross continued a rich run of form this morning with a win at the Norlond 30 on the F1B course. Brother Luke was close behind for second place.

New Tripstar Skinsuit pic: Dave Jones
There was little to separate him and Ross who started as the top seeds in the annual event, for which they took home medals. Tony May completed the team effort with a great ride for 8th place which netted us the team prize too.

1 Ross Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team 1:04:40 27.84 mph
2 Luke Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team 1:06:24 27.11 mph
3 Andy Lack Paceline RT 1:07:42 26.59 mph
4 Julian Pegg Hitchin Nomads CC 1:10:55 25.38 mph
5 John Watson Hitchin Nomads CC 1:11:29 25.18 mph
6 Jim Trevor Hull Thursday RC 1:11:40 25.12 mph
7 Jon Friend 1:12:12 24.93 mph
8 Tony May TMG Horizon Cycling Team 1:12:19 24.89 mph
9 James Cornell Hitchin Nomads CC 1:13:04 24.64 mph
10 Alan Crane Chronos RT 1:14:01 24.32 mph
11 Ian Markham Chronos RT 1:14:04 24.3 mph
12 Peter Trotman A5 Rangers CC 1:14:29 24.17 mph
13 Anthony Newland Bossard Whs 1:15:10 23.95 mph
14 Graham Pepperdine Verulam CC 1:16:40 23.48 mph
15 Richard Moule Bossard Whs 1:17:19 23.28 mph
16 Adrian Taverna St Neots CC 1:17:20 23.28 mph
17 David Rogers Hemel Hempstead CC 1:20:19 22.41 mph
18 Trevor Watson Bossard Whs 1:23:18 21.61 mph
19 Joanna Spragg Bossard Whs 1:26:09 20.89 mph
20 David Stockley A5 Rangers CC 1:30:38 19.86 mph
21 Keith Richardson Mildenhall CC 1:30:51 19.81 mph
22 John Hassall Bossard Whs 1:32:39