Sunday, 26 June 2016

TMG Trophy 2016 Confirmed Result

Congratulations to Jacob Tipper of Pedal Heaven RT, a clear win after a patient waiting game in the bunch. Huge respect also to Chris Dredge of Nieuwe Hoop Tielen for bossing the break, winning all three Primes and still taking 3rd place. Full report to follow but all placings are now confirmed.

1. Jacob Tipper Pedal Heaven Racing Team 
2. Jake Hales Spirit Bikes Race Team
3. Chris Dredge Nieuwe Hoop Tielen
4. Ken Buckley Eden Veranda Racing Team
5. Josh Burns Private Member
6. Andrew Williams Cwmcarn Paragon
7. Tom Neale Private Member
8. James Ireson KTM Impsport Racing Team
9.James Rix Loughborough CC
10. Martin Ford Planet X Northside
11. Stanley Kennett PMR Toachim House RT
12. Henry Farrell Hoste TAAP Storck
13. Matthew Webster Wellingborough Cycles RT
14.Josh Jones Private Member
15. Peter Cocker Giant Rutland Wattbike
16. Charlie Passfield CC Ashwell
17 James Local Hoste TAAP Storck
18.Ray Wilson London Dynamo
19. Cameron Jeffers Team Corley Cycles
20. Lawrence Carpenter Nuun Sigma Sport RT

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  1. Just a quick message
    It's PMR@Toachim House :)
    Great event loved the race